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WILSON Fluency®

Developing Accuracy, Speed, and Expression

Wilson Fluency is designed to provide explicit fluency instruction and reading practice to develop the application of skills with connected text.

Based on the skill building sequence of the Wilson Reading System®, Wilson Fluency provides extended reading passages to give students the focused practice that helps increase fluency and comprehension.

Wilson Fluency / Basic contains four Fluency Readers that can supplement any reading program which introduces short vowels in words with progressively more challenging patterns, including Fundations® and Just Words®. Each reader includes five stories with reading passages of 200-250 words and corresponding fluency practice.

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Program Highlights

  • Phonetic and high frequency word practice improves accuracy
    and automaticity.
  • Controlled short phrases with taught word patterns and High Frequency / Sight words are practiced with connected text.
  • Longer phrases, presented in meaningful chunks to develop prosody, contain both taught and untaught elements.
  • To further develop phrasing and expression, students practice a phrased version of a story and then read the un-phrased passage.
  • Practice with enriched and decodable passages enhances listening and reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Non-controlled decodable passages in the Basic Reader help students begin to transfer their emerging decoding skills to reading authentic text with support and with success.
  • Laminated Tally Sheets and Student Recording Forms make it easy to monitor student progress.
  • Students graph their progress in their own Student Fluency Readers.

Materials for Implementation

Wilson Fluency / Basic can supplement any reading program which introduces short vowels in words with progressively more challenging patterns. It is appropriate to use with the Wilson Reading System®, Just Words®, and Fundations®.

The Basic Kit contains the following items:

Instructor Guidebook
Instructor materials come in a durable 3-ring binder for convenient use in small group or 1:1 lessons.

  • Instructor Guide
  • Enriched Passages
  • High frequency Word Card Sheets
  • Blank Word Card Laminated Sheets
  • Laminated Tally Sheets for each Fluency Reader

Student Record Pack
Students’ progress is charted by instructor in individual record books, corresponding to each passage.

  • Student Record Books (6 in a binder)

Student Fluency Readers
Each Fluency Reader contains 5 stories with corresponding word lists, phrases, and phrased and un-phrased passages. Fluency Readers 1-3 correspond to WRS Steps 1-3, and the Basic Reader includes additional decodable stories that correspond to an enriched passage.

  • Fluency Basic / Reader 1
  • Fluency Basic / Reader 2
  • Fluency Basic / Reader 3
  • Fluency Basic / Reader

Each kit contains a set of Readers to accommodate six students.


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