of Wilson's Multi-tiered System of Support
Prevention and Early Intervention:
Wilson Fundations®
Just Words®
Wilson Reading System®
Supplemental Support:
Wilson Fluency/Basic®

Overview of Wilson's Multi-tiered System of Support

Prevention Early Intervention Intervention Intensive

Wilson Works! By employing Wilson’s evidence-based instructional models, school districts, reading centers, and tutors can put together a powerful literacy action plan or sustainability plan that meets the College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core State Standards, CCSS) to close the reading gap for struggling students, or build a solid foundation for beginning learners.

For further information about Program Models or Professional Learning and sustainability plans, please call 800-899-8454 and ask to speak with the Wilson Education Team or send an email to: info@WilsonLanguage.com

Early Intervention
Just Words
Wilson Reading System
Why wait until there is a gap before we systematically teach them to read and spell?
Wilson Fundations® is designed to reduce the number of children that become at-risk by giving all kids a solid foundation. A 30-minute Fundations lesson ensures that the critical skills for reading and spelling are being taught daily.
What can we do to help struggling, beginning readers before they fall behind?
Wilson Fundations is the type of instruction research calls for when the core reading program is just not enough. With small groups of students or one-to-one, Fundations is the right tool when you need to intervene early.
How can we expect them to read-to-learn if they haven’t yet learned-to-read?
The Wilson Just Words® curriculum gives individuals with word-level deficits a chance to become fluent, independent readers. A regularly scheduled Just Words class provides reading and spelling “basics” for older students.
Doesn’t everyone deserve a future full of choices and opportunity?
The Wilson Reading System® works with even the most challenged reader. By providing intensive instruction in small groups or individually with a highly skilled teacher, reading and spelling success can be achieved.
All K-3 students
DAILY LESSON 30 minutes
GROUP SIZE Whole class
SETTING General education classroom
INSTRUCTOR General education teacher

Wilson Academy® / Prevention Learning Community (online)
Program workshops
Coaching days

Sustainability plans

Wilson Fluency® / Basic
All K-3 struggling or at-risk readers in lowest 30th percentile
30 - 60 minutes (the 30-minute daily standard lesson plus double dose activities)
Small group, tutorial
May be conducted within or outside the classroom
General education teacher, reading specialist, paraprofessional, or intervention personnel
Wilson Academy / Prevention Learning Community (online)
Program workshops
Coaching days
Sustainability plans

Wilson Fluency / Basic
Fundations Progress Monitoring
All grades 4-12 students and adults who are decoding and encoding below grade level
Wilson Just Words®
45 minutes
Reading class (up to 15 students), small group
General education classroom, intervention class, ELL classroom, literacy center, adult education
General education teacher, reading specialist, or intervention personnel
Wilson Academy / Intervention Learning Community (online)
Program workshops
Coaching days
Sustainability plans

Wilson Fluency / Basic
All students in grades 2-12 and adults who are not making sufficient progress in intervention or who may require more intensive instruction due to a language- based learning disability
Wilson Reading System®
60 - 90 minutes
Small group (up to 6 students), tutorial
Special education classroom, resource room, literacy centers, adult education
Certified Wilson instructor (preferred)
Wilson Academy / Intensive Learning Community (online)
Program workshops
WRS Basic Word Study and
Advanced Word Study Online Courses
Level I and II Certification with practicum observations and implementation seminars
Sustainability plans
Wilson Fluency / Basic

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